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Terrorists Attack Ancient Sadad Town – Syrian Arab Army Regain Control

Syrian Free Press Terrorists Attack Ancient Sadad Town – Syrian Arab Army Regain Control

This video shows the Militants entering Sadad, and killing government supporters Uploaded By Eretz Zen WarVids Residents were forced to flee… Uploaded By Eretz Zen Syrian Army regained control of the ancient town of Sadad after days of intensive fighting with militants from al-Nusra terrorist group. Around two thousand militants from the Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front […]


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Only Syrians Can Decide THEIR National Fate OR It’s Oppression: Iran

Syrian Free Press Only Syrians Can Decide THEIR National Fate OR It's Oppression: Iran

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has once again stressed that Syria's fate should only be determined by Syrians. "A political approach should be adopted [in Syria] based on the national will of the Syrian people. It will be oppression against the Syrian nation if certain countries sit and decide […]


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Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunday, 16 June 2013

UK female Labour MP Joan Ryan demands re-run after Expenses Rort

UK female Labour MP Joan Ryan demands re-run after Expenses Rort
starWMASAW: What Men Are Saying About Women..
22 May 2013 23:54
by Christian Jay

UK female Labour MP Joan Ryan demands re-run after Expenses Rort

UK Labour MP Joan Ryan caught with her snout in the trough
UK Labour MP Joan Ryan caught with her snout in the trough

Women will bring a higher Standard to Political Office. We're still waiting!

Another fine example from the very sex that was gonna make such a difference, lift the standards in parliament to such a high degree that one would be pushed to even recognise it after they start it, someday far away. But, it would appear that it is becoming that difficult as a long list of women thieving more money from the taxpayers becomes mandatory, because they are not getting the salary they feel they actually deserve.

It's that pay equity thing that feminists have been lying about that can be used as justification. They believe their own generated propaganda and act on that. The majority of labour females are feminists down to the bone and suffer from the same lack of honesty, dignity, principles and work ethic. It's just so hard, being a woman you know.

Voters Warn Labour Expenses Piggy Not to Run

Earlier this month Guido revealed that expenses scandal piggy Joan Ryan was begging her local Labour party for support as she tries to run again in 2015. That despite being kicked out by the electorate after claiming £4,500 for work on her second home and having to pay back over £5,000 in mortgage interest. As if having the nerve to show her face in Enfield North again wasn't enough, now she has been accused of trying to stitch up the Labour selection in neighbouring Enfield Southgate; Guido is told she brought along dozens of new members to the local CLP's AGM in order to back her pal Ibrahim Dogus. Guido has repeatedly asked Ryan why she is sticking her oar in but for some reason she doesn't want to talk. Her own former constituents have certainly had enough. This is from her local paper's letter page this morning:

Joan Ryan UK Female Politicians letter
Joan Ryan UK Female Politicians letter

You'd have thought she would get the message…
UK female Labour MP Joan Ryan demands re-run after Expenses Rort
UK Labour MP Joan Ryan Stealing taxpayers dollars UK MP Ryan Corrupt Greedy UK MPs Corrupt female politicians Women MPs in UK Corrupt Labour MP Joan Ryan corrupt

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dawn After Twighlight

 Twilight, sat by my fire of wood, entered a dawn of peace.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Corruption : EU Funding of The BBC, Communo-Fascist Takeover


Early Day Motion


Spink, Bob

That this House notes that soft loans and payments amounting to 258 million euros over the last five years were paid by the EU to the BBC; believes that such payments compromise the independence and objectivity of the BBC o n EU issues; further notes that the BBC benefited by a cash-equivalent of approximately 39 million euros which is made up of 20.4 million actual saved interest on loan facilities of 240 million, 2.5 million in grants, 14.6 million to BBC World and 1.7 million euros in indirect payments; further notes that there are, in addition, undisclosed sums in respect of joint projects; further believes that these substantial benefits may offend against the BBC's Royal Charter, which demands independence, and also its editorial guidelines which state that the BBC should not `accept funds from any organisation whose interests or actions could raise doubts about the objectivity of programming'; and cites, as continuing evidence of BBC bias in its coverage of EU affairs, the BBC's refusal to broadcast coverage of the National Pro-Referendum Rally at Westminster on 27th October 2007; therefore calls on the Government to establish an independent inquiry into EU funding of the BBC and its impact on the BBC's objectivity on European matters and current debate over a referendum on the EU Constitution; and congratulates the Campaign for an Independent Britain for its initiative in uncovering this information.

Parliament Listing

What are we to think? What could be the Good? There can't be, unless the EU is above our law, and to be further above yet, without our assent. ANd why on earth should we give our assent, because we're incompetent? Well that's one good reason, if it's true, and the EU isn't incompetent. I haven't been certified incompetent by the EU. They didn't ask the people's permission, Oh no. So, they must think they know better, and the sheep people will benefit from their competent propaganda.


Let's be plain, this isn't the release of a documentary about an EU issue. Yes, so it may offend the BBC's Charter, and independence. Meaning, it may not. Ha Ha, I can't imagine how it does not, unless we the public incompetents, can anyone?

As far as I'm concerned, it's corruption, in addition to the pedophile rings, and the sham debates. We don't need an enquiry. Leave first, then conduct an enquiry. It's the giddy limit. No it isn't it's al we know - you can bet your boots, in addition to the 'Common Purpose' corruption, it's only what has been uncovered.

I'll speak plain: the EU is part of the Blair-Bush -Rockafella international crime Cabal. Crimes not only of fraud, theft and false improsnment, but deep physical and social harm; Ripping apart child bodies; poisoning, sexual abuse of children.; Torture and the smashing of families; Totalitarian imposition over freedoms. That is the cause of this deceptive propaganda funding.

But why did the BBC accept it, without consultation? The answer in short, is that the BBC was compromised by New Labour political interference orchestrated from the moment following 9/11. If you think you're incompetent, even expendable, vote for the EU. Otherwise, don't mistake the EU as somehow ruling over our own inner government corruption: the EU is integral to it.